Repertoire and linguistic uses of an inmate student of Moroccan origin in a penitentiary centre in the metropolitan area of Barcelona

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  • Journal: Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature
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  • Year: 2018
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  • authors: Teresa Sans,
  • elbec members involved: Teresa Sans

This paper presents a case study of an internal student of Moroccan origin at a prison located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona within the framework of the European project KA2 StrategicPartnershipRiUscire. The first results of the European project suggest the cultural diversity and plurilingualism of the prison context and the need to improve the intercultural competence and linguistic competence of internal students, in order to contribute to their social and professional reintegration. The present study aims to investigate in the linguistic repertoire and the linguistic uses of the young man. We have also explored how he values his linguistic competence in different languages as well as his attitudes towards languages that make up his linguistic repertoire. The exploratory research is framed within a qualitative methodology and consists in analysing a semi-structured interview that the young man gave in the prison considering the discourse analysis method taking into account what the interviewee says and how.