Editorial. L2 Acquisition of motion events: Crossing boundaries into unexplored territories.

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  • Journal: Frontiers in Communication
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  • Year: 2023
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  • authors: Maria Andria,
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The field of motion events has received a growing interest in the last decades, after Talmy's (1985, 1991) and Slobin's (1991, 1996) seminal works. A myriad of publications examine aspects of the semantics of motion in different languages. In the field of Second Language (L2) Acquisition, research into motion events has explored different language combinations, types of cross-linguistic influence and types of learners. The main aim of this Research Topic is to delve into unexplored areas of research in motion events. In this sense, this Research Topic presents eight papers that offer an innovative look into motion events. The novelty of these studies emerges from new proposed methodologies, different theoretical perspectives, or an outlook on motion from underrepresented languages in the field. Regarding the latter, one of our main aims in this Research Topic was to showcase motion from the lens of a variety of languages other than English. We firmly believe in the importance of linguistic diversity in order to gain a better understanding of L2 Acquisition processes and to this end, ten languages are represented here, either as L2 or L1, namely Danish, English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Mapudungun, Spanish, Swedish, Tunisian Arabic, and Uyghur. The paragraphs that follow offer a brief summary of the works included in this Research Topic.